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Kalevala Audio Book Runos 1 - 3

Kalevala Audio Book Runos 1 - 3

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The first Kalevala audio book contains the following five tracks:

1 The Prologue, recited in Finnish

2. The Prologue, sung in Finnish

3. Runo 1: the Prologue + The Creation, in English

4. Runo 2: The Sowing, in English

5. Runo 3: The Contention, in English

The Kalevala, collected, compiled and edited by Elias Lönnrot in 1835, 1849, was originally oral literature, recited or sung by the rune singers and tradition bearers of earlier centuries in Eastern Finland and Karelia. This CD covers verbatum the three first poems or runos of the Kalevala as translated by American translator and poet, Eino Friberg (1988). There is a strong consensus among story-tellers that Friberg's translation best captures the orality of the original Finnish text.

Börje Vähämäki, Professor of Finnish Studies at the University of Toronto, adds a Finnish touch by way of a Finnish lilt in his English delivery.

"Dr. Borje Vahamaki's lecture on the Kalevala was simply outstanding. I was simply blown away by the passion and knowledge Dr. Vahamaki has for the literature. I believe it is people like Dr. Vahamaki who will help ensure that the Kalevala continues to live on thoughout the world."

Anonymous evaluation of lecture/performance at Thundar Bay, Ontario, Canada

ISBN: 978-0-9783488-5-4

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