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The Kalevala - Epic of the Finnish People

The Kalevala - Epic of the Finnish People

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Elias Lönnrot, Translated by Eino Friberg

This beautiful case-bound edition of The Kalevala, exquisitely translated into American English at its best by Eino Friberg, and insightfully illustrated, in full color, by one of Finland's great 20th century artists, Björn Landström, is a genuine treasure.

Elias Lönnrot's celebrated epic collection of epic narrative poems collected in the earlier half of the 19th century in eastern Finland and Karelia and became "the national epic of Finland".

The translator, Eino Friberg, (1907-1995) was struck blind at the age of seven. Maybe that explains, in part, why his translation has such pleasing oral qualities; it is storytelling rather than deskwork.

The book has an introduction by George Schoolfield as well as one by the translator. It's Index of Names is invaluable.

This book will be one the most beloved treasure in anyone's bookshelf. A true piece of world literature.

ISBN: 951-1-10137-4

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