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Peikko: Finnish Folk Tales for Children

Peikko: Finnish Folk Tales for Children

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Peikko tells the stories about a giant ogre who constantly challenges his neighbor Matti to various contests, but with little success.

These folk tales recall familiar characters and situations. Just as she did in Foxy, Finnish Folk Tales for Children, Kaarina Brooks serves up English translations of Finnish folk tales that flow like brooks and illustrations that make you feel right at home in the traditional milieu.

“Let’s have a wrestling match,” Peikko suggested.

“I don’t really care to wrestle.” Matti replied.

“I think you’re scared,” Peikko taunted him. “You don’t want to wrestle because you’ll lose and have to give me a sack of silver!”

“I’m not scared,” Matti said. And if you insist, I guess I can wrestle you.”

The stories of Peikko, The Foolish Ogre, Finnish Folk Tales for Children appeal to the imagination, the sense of right and wrong, and the emotions of children and adults alike while offering universally accessible, yet traditionally Finnish lore.

61 pages. Publication date August 1, 2003.

ISBN: 0-9731053-2-1

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