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Feelmax Toe Socks Silver Health Solid White (NO STRIPE ON TOES) Ladies' Shoe Size 5 - 8

Feelmax Toe Socks Silver Health Solid White (NO STRIPE ON TOES) Ladies' Shoe Size 5 - 8

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Feelmax Toe Socks Silver Health Solid White (NO STRIPE ON TOES). Loose Leg for improved Circulation to Feet. Fits Ladies' Shoe Size 5 - 8. Imported.

Among the newer developments from Feelmax is a Silver Health toe sock. Manufactured by incorporating silver into the textile fiber, a special patented method bonds a layer of pure silver permanently to the surface of the fibre providing many health benefits. Silver has been proven to eliminate athlete's foot and foot odour. It is recognized in the medical community as the best anti-microbial agent and is effective against bacteria, fungi and viruses. The X-silver material provides thermal regulation; cooling when warm and warming when cold. This unique fibre makes it an ideal material for Feelmax health toe socks. Oy Feelmax Ltd has focused the past 5 years into developing toe socks for various activities. Feelmax has worked in co-operation with sport and physics professionals, using their expertise to develop new products. Consumer surveys and especially wearer trials have given us an extensive amount of information which has been utilized in our product development. We have come to the conclusion that Feelmax Sport is a perfect sock for all sport activities. Oy Feelmax Ltd is committed to develop and improve its product ranges. Due to the excellent feed back from professional and amateur Feelmax Sport wearers, we have decided to concentrate on continuing to develop the sock we feel is the best sport sock in the world. Feelmax toe socks are designed and developed in Finland. This allows us to test the socks in demanding weather conditions and extreme temperatures. The packing and PR material is also manufactured in Finland. Feelmax toe socks are a Finnish contribution to sport. Oy Feelmax Ltd, together with its manufacturing partner, is on a continuous journey to learn more about new materials and their properties.

Made of X-Silver.

Forms to foot and seamless for a comfortable exact fit

Hygienic - Seamless to prevent blisters and keeps feet dry to prevent bacteria

Crew length sock (Below the Calf)

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